What Slot Has the Highest Jackpot?

The lure of a huge jackpot is often too much to resist for many slot players, and when they log into their favourite casino site or bingo site and go looking for slots to get stuck into playing they are often attracted to the slots which currently have the highest valued jackpot attached to them – like playingslots.co.uk says.

Whilst it is of course the progressive jackpot paying slot games which are famed for having the very high jackpots and jackpots that are always going to keep growing in size until someone wins those jackpots, you will often find the fixed coin jackpot slots can also offer some huge jackpots.

So if you want to play a slot on which there is a very large jackpot then look out for progressive slot games however if you want a much more realistic chance of winning a huge jackpot then look out for video slots which hve a large base game jackpot and also ones which offer some form of free spins bonus round on which a special multiplier comes into play for the duration of the free spins round.

For when playing those slots, you can boost the value of the base game jackpot if you win the jackpot on those slots during the free spins bonus game!

However, always do keep your options open for there is always going to be a very large range of different slots that you can play online, and each of them will have a different set of jackpots and bonus games. 

The pick to win and pick to match type of bonus game awarding video slots can also be great slots to play online, and as such do keep your eyes open for those types of slot games too, as some of those bonus games can award players with some very high payouts!

We like to give you as much advice as we possibly can do in regards to playing slot games online, and one thing to keep in mind that all progressive slot games that you can play online do tuned to come with rather low payout percentages.

That is due to the fact that a percentage of your stakes are of course feeding the jackpot pool or pools, and as such in regards to which slots are going to award you with the most winning payouts then you will be best advised to play the optional pay line slots on which a fixed coin jackpot is on offer as opposed to a progressive jackpot.

Whilst you will always want to have the chance of winning big when playing slot games online you should also keep in mind that the payout percentages on offer on every single slot game can and do vary.

With that in mind do take a look around at any site you are playing at and see if they have on offer the Tiki Island slot game which has a payout percentage of 96.29% which should ensure you get a good run for your money when playing it.

That high paying slot has been designed and launched by a company called Gamesys and their slots are readily available at a huge number of bingo and casino sites, so finding somewhere to play it will never be too difficult.

The one thing to always remember is that by clicking on the pay table of any slot game you are thinking of playing, you will find all of the information regarding how much you can win when playing that slot, so always check the pay tables out!

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